I Love Trains!

Recently with the Thomas train ride in the offing and the train buff that im, I decided to give this ordeal an overdue revival and pen it down.

 train foto

I’m a self proclaimed unofficial rail fan and here’s my slant when I come to think of it.Train and childhood is a match from heaven and  every time hearing a train chugging reminds me of it and specifically of summer holidays to maternal grandmoms and aunts. Currently my home is just adjacent to the railway lines connecting Amtracks and each time I hear an engine whistling and whooshing past, my adrenaline rises and the child inside bubbles up.I tiptoe to catch a glance and many a times have counted the railroad cars attached.


I’ve always found riding into the shaking rails alluring and distinctive. As a kid,it didn’t matter if i’m cramming in a sweltering train for many hours, it was always an adventure about to unfold and the excitement leapfrogged when the first jitters were felt as the train moved.


What mattered was that fight with the sibling to get the window seat and feel the fresh whip of air and the curving glance of the train cars. I guess it came with its own unknown incentives. My befuddled head reminds me of my personal favourite was when it rained and narrow steel track ribbons would be wet, the crunchy ballast and wooden ties would be soaking and gleaming. The train would slow down for the upcoming red signal and the petrichor mixed proportionally with the diesel n the smoke would fill my nostrils.

I’ve always relished the tell tale train Clickety clack symphony as the magnificent scenery bursts outside your window but beware your reaction time is barely a second as this metal chugger rushes past everything.The whole world would fit into those metal smelling windows surpassing trees, empty fields with contouring trees, a water irrigation system, miles of valley meeting puffy clouds,dis oriented  bushes  and weeds, lots of houses, abandoned signal offices, tiny unattended platforms,lazily grazing cattle, small euphoric kids and much more which might inspire you in an unexpected encounter.

Night time window watching would be flushed with fireflies, dark unknown silhouettes and absentmindedly staring at your own hazy image as a reflection on the dark glass.

I always sit back and enjoy the timeless charm and odyssey on a wheel bouncing in rhythm that puts me to sleep like a lullaby.

Sometimes as I blankly stare outside,I meditate while travelling coz I can see as far as possible and when I reach there, I’m able to see further but if my chain of thoughts aren’t leading anywhere, I switch tracks!


Summer Adventures!!



bird1.jpgMeet my new neighbor – Mr. Finch. He has recently moved in this summer and is pretty handsome (ahem ahem!!)And attractive (I must say!) in bright yellow attire, acrobatingly greeting everyone.


I was pretty amused when initially he would barge in knocking and greeting unsolicited. Later I got used to his foraging’s. Almost every day he is turning up to ring a casual hi and a tweaking hello. The sunny afternoons are fluttering away watching his swarming habitats bounding with thistles and sunflower seeds.


He is my American goldfinch perching adjacent to my bedroom window on the thistle tree, strictly on a vegan diet. Ever since he has come up close and personal – his twitters and warbles beat cadence in my days. Hope you meet him soon too- Mr. Finch – A flocking feeding feathery delight!!

When was the last time, you experienced something for the first time!


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It is a balmy saturday evening and i’m soaking the vacation sunshine and abundance. Ticking my itinerary, i’m hopping to the Cathedral basilica of st louis, for corporately attending a gathering and pay homage n regards.

What followed is an experience(praise hands emoji), i have imbibed in my spirits.The beautiful architecture through the vestibule and main level of cathedral, the antique polished mosaics depicting a cosmic story was the first enchanter. The silence and solitude further gave way to my intrigues.Like a sheep of his pastures,transcending my own limitations, i started craving to find ways.ways to redeem faith and absoluteness.

As the basilica echoed with the mounting prayers, my mental contemplation and meditation rose! with all my heart and mind, i anticipated good things will surely happen. The choir member devoted in the congregational singing, with chants and praises was again mystical. I wanted to believe that god is the king, abounding in my steadfast love waiting for my turn to believe his presence.  My nostalgia, yearnings, homesickness, my strengths and the purposefulness of life brimming in my eyes.

All i could remember was Don Moen soul stirring song:-

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me

I was blown away and basking in his glory all along.

The lightning and thunderstorm above the translucent high dome distracted me. Reminded me that I had to return back to the hotel as the weather was turning sore.Enlightened and blessed I turned towards the exit,only to be greeted by lavish silver downpours. The petrichor, mesmerizing wetting drops, the symphony of sounds, the softening outline of things blurred the world.I felt like melting one into it and my pains washing away with it.His grace rained on me like confetti from the sky.

I was looking up for the rainbow, I could hear his golden words through the drips and drops and the calm after – he said – Come to me and I will provide what you need!

A page from the St Louis diaries


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Thanks a million St Louis for having us over the long Memorial Day weekend and hosting us so well. I’m taking back a part of you with me and inking it to express my gratitude. The great road trip from Chicago to Missouri was even more fun with my travel companions comprising friends and family.


Tell me St Louis how in the world did you know exactly what I needed yet never asked you for?

Starting from the perfect scenic walkings,biking trails, greenhouse jewel box with floral displays, art fusioned landscapes, lush extravagant tree contouring’s, historical gateway arch adventurous tram ride to the top, visiting the placid sacred basilica of St Louis to the frizzy Budweiser manufacturing plant, every entry in the itinerary only added more zing to this pulsating trip.


Every attraction lifted my spirits, coaxing my wild side n pampering the girl in me, offering something special in store.

Accept my heartiest congratulations  St Louis- your stainless steel arch besides Mississippi  is phenomenal and the journey to the top was nothing less than spine chilling. I was 630 feet taller defying gravity in this architectural marvel. Hats off to this weekend getaway.


me n hubby.jpg


My interfaith monologue and understanding basked in peace and glory at your renowned cathedral basilica embracing spirituality. Your free entertainment offers at science museum, Budweiser factory and forest park deserves another applaud. The manicured gardenias offered fresh whips n crisp sights. The sunshine brandished the days and dim honeysuckled moonlights silently cushioned my sleeps. I awakened invigorated both the days, wanting to leap frog the sightseeing! Such was your lure n pull.

birds eye view



birds view

We enjoyed comfy bed and breakfast at a fine hotel, munched over your famous delectable thin crust pizza smothered with cheese and also dined on voraciously at Indian cuisine restaurants offering a palette of lip smacking dishes. The visit also paid tribute to our typical Indian eating bonanza habit too – whatever happens, wherever we go, eating too much is a must and comes first!! Lols!!



It’s truly been a pleasure knowing you St Louis. Your chain of remembrances is my quirky souvenir which I shall always cherish and embrace.

Thank you for making so many ordinary moments, extraordinary.

Spring Sprungs!

Tiny white protrusion Mushroom Pins pushing out from the casing

Button mushroom caps spinning out vigorously,

Springing buds;

A baby pine cone splutters to life.

And as the icy deluge melts with the seasonal hibernation,

Green lavish spread coats the savannas.

Nature’s bounty at its blooming best!
Sweet scented hyacinths, daffodils n yellow tulips breezing heralding the spring

Petals unfold as stigmas unwrap straitening their wrinkled backs,

Leaves stutter and seethe basking in the golden sunshine.

Birds squander and flap, screeching cacophonous symphony.


Strawberries fluff n ripens with overflowing nectary juices;

Flamboyant scarlet’s n crimson reds with exfoliated skin.

Meanwhile, Ants and bees march on peony flowers and vines.

Raspberry flowers attract flighted pollinators in the hindsight

Caterpillar chrysalis sneaking and melting;

Butterflies first leap of faith for the blue unknown quest.

Slugs and snails retract into dense humid shells as the day preps,

Aphids wander on curvy branches and ivy

Peek-a –boo with ladybugs and little bastids!

A giant dew drop cascading through the whistling woods

Slushing the aphids, wetting banality too.


Daisy’s mushroom in green patches, velvetty moss growing along

white n yellow wee flowers carpet effortlessly,

as lily fragrances diffuse n linger along the stretch.


It’s the nature’s symphony untamed and unscathed.

As the dawn toots softly over the whimpering whispering spring fed landscape; the snow retreats.


Holiday Cheer- from Daisy


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Did a zillion things in these last few months gone by. Im keeping unnecessarily happy maybe coz the festive week is pompous sitting upfront and promising new beginnings.



Meanwhile I got spirited this thanksgiving and bought things that are tonic to me;) Like my long awaited Estee Lauder Smoky Noir collection kit.  It was  joy, oh joy and sheer magic box.I decked up and pouted few selfies before I got all weary.

Also got my Canon digital DSLR camera in a good befitting deal.These were my seasons greeters, just before christmas.

Yodelay-hee-ho, came with slew of snowfalls in early december and I watched the first flakes in the night sky shinning in bounty and valor.


I reached out for naked prancing branches heavy with snow and pepping out red cherries in the wild weather.I bounced out in mismatched gear and pushed snow in oblong piles till long, that only became a man when i put a carrot nose.


Finally Christmas arrived with all the trimmings and merry and cherry making cascaded all.I’ve been amidst friends far and near to celebrate the festive spirit in bunches and vigor.I brought santa paws home through my very own christmas tree that harvested gifts and smiles. It has been snow much fun ever since!!


The tidings of good cheer, eggnog, candles,cakes, carols will stay and I will honour them all year through.


Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store; maybe, perhaps; it means a little bit more!