पलाश के फूल !

एक पेड़ लदा है पलाश के फूलों से
सुर्ख लाल गुच्छा, एक हरा पत्ता भी नहीं
गहरी होती रात में, जहां खुशबुएं बेपर्दा हैं
तुम मिले हो मुझे वहां पर
समय से परे, ज़माने से बेपरवाह
मैंने एक लम्हा चुरा लिया है,ख्वाइशों का वास्ता दे कर
बाद में वहाँ दास्ताँ मिलेगी, लम्हा घुल जायेगा कहीं पर
लाल स्याही से रंगे बेलॉस पलाश के फूल
जिनका रंगरेज़ इश्क़ है, खुद ही खिल जाते हैं लापरवाह
बेधड़क बिछ जाते हैं, हर बसंत, तुम्हारी आस के फूल
मेरी सरगोशी के मुख़्तसर से पल
पकते हैं घने पलाश के साये में
तुम कंठस्त हो गए हो मुझे इस छाँव में मिलते मिलते
देखो गुलज़ार होने लगे हैं अब लव्ज़ मेरे
उस दास्ताँ के गहरे टेसू, चुन लाई हूँ, वहीँ से जहां
एक पेड़ लदा है पलाश के फूलों से!


Image courtesy- Soulcraft poetry workshop

This green balm is serenading, spreading on my forehead beneath the yon sanguine sky. It’s becoming my top of the mind recall…diluting my berserk mind. They say nature stirs a clarity inside you….I say at least it’s engrossing. Each breath has become observant, reminiscent of the vista… thawing the emotions…outlining the blur. I breath a sizable amount… it’s full of lichen and moss. I select the filters in the frame, and match them with my dominant hormones. The repetitive verdure and the crests of mountain tops, fade as I look away… I’m doubting…they’re scheming a plan. The trails along the hills were earlier feeling like burgeoning neurons… are now relaxing. Another fresh gulp of breath… this time it’s pine and willows. It lingers in my tastebuds. A trail of unrecognized thoughts was almost approaching me but my mobile rang. I muted it without any attention. The panorama is captivating me temporarily.

Majestic spreading

Cascading mystical hills 

Senses resurrect

Spring Escapades – Nature Poem

The eastern influx of sunshine

Spreads its vivacity and awakens the dozing directions all around

Spreading like ether

From the tree crowns, the sunshine basks inwards refined through the canopy of fresh leaves

The woodlands breathe the shining nectar

And the golden ambrosia bathes the whole savanna rejuvenated

The sunfed bluebells and ramsons carpet the landscape as spring winks at the seasonal sky

Thick spring lavishly brews the greenery and bluebells spread like lavender hues

Where new buds complacently bloom, and the oldies die down only to be reborn again!

The perfect postcard picture is painted underneath the golden blue!

Tiny white protrusion Mushroom Pins pushing out from the casing

Button mushroom caps spinning out vigorously,

Springing buds.

A baby pinecone splutters to life.

And as the icy deluge melts with the seasonal hibernation,

Green lavish spread coats the savannas.

Nature’s bounty at its blooming best!
Sweet scented hyacinths, daffodils n yellow tulips breezing heralding the spring

Petals unfold as stigmas unwrap straitening their wrinkled backs,

Leaves stutter and seethe basking in the golden sunshine.

Birds squander and flap, screeching cacophonous symphony.

Strawberries fluff n ripens with overflowing nectary juices.

Flamboyant scarlet’s n crimson reds with exfoliated skin.

Meanwhile, Ants and bees march on peony flowers and vines.

Raspberry flowers attract flighted pollinators in the hindsight

Caterpillar chrysalis sneaking and melting.

Butterflies first leap of faith for the blue unknown quest.

Slugs and snails retract into dense humid shells as the day preps,

Aphids wander on curvy branches and ivy!

A giant dew drops cascading through the whistling woods

Slushing the aphids, wetting banality too.

Daisy’s mushroom in green patches, velvety moss growing along

white n yellow wee flowers carpet effortlessly,

as lily fragrances diffuse n linger along the stretch.

It is the nature’s symphony untamed and unscathed.

As the dawn toots softly over the whimpering whispering spring fed landscape; Snow retreats.


The owls and vampires have a story To say

Halloween moon whimpers!

The nights suspended smog

Peeps through The dozing mirthless trees

A smog that’s viscose, heaving and panting

One that gropes in the dark elusiveness.

The Yonder looks penetrating and pensive

Katydids and crickets chirp in choruses

warning off predators

In the lone shadows of night jungle

Barred owls hoot in raucous duets

Setting the aural mood of the sinister night

His caws and cackles break the eerie silence

But after a moment, the quietude returns

The whispers tread on

Broken intermittently by palpitations of fretful agonizing whimpers

An entranced shadow holding subtle alchemy intrudes the darkness

It’s a rapacious blood sucking creep

Who Hovers in the emptiness seeking a seize

His Sharp canines, uprise in deathly hallows. In the yellow Halloween moon

While The wilderness dozes in gory dreams

Turning shuffling in discomfort

The vampires and owls slowly hibernate

After binge gnawing the creepy silences

Then a tinge of darkness

Winds it’s paraphernalia

A faint morning ray enters In trepidation

The owls and vampires will meander tonight too

Waiting to pounce and devour on unsuspecting prey!

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Through the eyes of Ruskin!

Away from the atrocities of profane reality

And the marauding claws of urbanization

Still under the vigilant layers of pristine love

And caressed by virgin nature

Time stops at shamli, a paradise of sorts!!

The rain in the mountains here

Humidify the blustery air, waning the grey clouds

And A flight of pegions, hasting a dust, puffing a zeal

flutter your hearts like the blossoming zephyr .

It’s an oasis, serenading the valley

Our trees still grow in Dehra

Lush with panache, with a flair of exquisite artwork.

The cherry trees with ombré blooms

Swirling in line like jamboree celebrations

Form the foliages of the spring!

The boisterous downpours

Heralding rainy seasons

Brings joy to the deciduous willow and the evergreen deodar

And the verdures drink the adrenaline rush

So plush In the foothills of Dehradun.

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What does poetry mean to you ?

I was bleeding in emotions and passions

They erupted, In erotic hallucinations 

I would crib, and crumble, turn pale and feeble 

I shuffled in grey assorted sentiments 

In anguish and sunlight 

In my heart and in my mind

Then I decided to ink my vulnerabilities 

I conjured up my fleeting thoughts 

And wrote the lyrical chords 

On the incandescent parchments.

It acted as tourniquet 

I’m relieved now.

Poetry is my tourniquet!

I bind everything in verses 

In free flow or a style 

It may or may not convey anything to you 

But it’s my savior .

It’s my commitment to stay sane

It’s my ruminating murmurings 

Bind by words 

Gibberish or otherwise.

I write and it’s my outlet, my outlook 

My inside, my hideout!

My cove, my palpitations 

My musings, my contemplation!

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