Blog tour Suhasini’s – “Shrav’s lockdown adventures”

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Suhasini promoting her storybook “ Shrav’s lockdown adventures”. The book has premiered through the Blogchatter ebook carnival this year and it encapsulates the lockdown adventures of a small kid and his interpretation of this new makeshift period. So let me introduce y’all toContinue reading “Blog tour Suhasini’s – “Shrav’s lockdown adventures””

Runner up in poetry competition@Kalamanthan

So glad to be a runner up in KalaManthan’s Second Poetry Prompt for English Poetry Writing. The prompt was “Falling leaves and Bare branches” And here’s the winning poem:- Title- Let’s rise this fall When the charms of summer sunshine and golden pleasantries begin to retreat And evocative winds pick pace, breaking a silence discreetContinue reading “Runner up in poetry competition@Kalamanthan”

#Butterflydance poetry winner

The competition was a picture prompt, as shown in the above landscape and here’s the winning entry:- “The scintillating starry scarf The night scarf, preened with allure And decadence of desires Desires and dreams of reaching out to the glimmer The glimmer of constellations and galaxies in the indigo night The night rendezvous, that goesContinue reading “#Butterflydance poetry winner”

Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt

Fallen leaves and bare branches The golden russet strikes in aplomb Before the Halloween moon will pierce cold shivers In the spine of the season Brown magenta, yellow oranges Tinge of hues, dollops of crunch Let it go, says the esprit de corps of the fallen leaf bunch Fall fiesta is a color palette OnContinue reading “Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt”

Watch my author interview on Instagram

Watch me indulge in a creative tête-à-tête with the crackling author duo Meenal Sonal on Instagram today at 5:30 pm IST Here’s the link for you all! View this post on Instagram A post shared by MeenalSonal (@auraofthoughts)