Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.

Care for a ballerina or a waltz Swinging in style Swag your attitude Don’t care for faults. Razzmatazz a Rumba Or Stir up a Cha cha cha Dropping off inhibitions Dance a samba. Pair up those musical feet Two to tango Dance up close Or blast off in Bhangra beat. Hit it with Jazz orContinue reading “Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.”

Strangest Wedding procession- Eve#Writephoto

It was the night of holy matrimonial union of Shiva( the eternal mystical yogi) and Parvati( incarnation of goddess Durga). But when the groom Shiva started his wedding procession to Parvatti’s house, he was accompanied by giants, goblins and ghouls. Some came on pigs and donkeys while some were three legged. Demented beings speaking gibberishContinue reading “Strangest Wedding procession- Eve#Writephoto”

Legend has it!- Eugi’s weekly prompt- Legend

“Legend has it That whenever women have been empowered It has been revolutionary!! There have been exponential social, economic, political changes That have raised the impoverished Nurturing the malnourished attitude and society. Women and child welfare have frog leaped Thereby helping the whole populace To advance and upgrade! Women are exemplary leaders Great states(wo)men andContinue reading “Legend has it!- Eugi’s weekly prompt- Legend”

Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee

The battle of strong Vs meek It’s the story of storm and the ship It was a dark night Waves came crashing mild A small timid sailing ship Surfaced, Looking for companionship Wandering In the bobbing sea slime Anxious but determined The ship shuffled on the waves Hoping the sea behaves Trying to reach itsContinue reading “Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee”

Do you know why the caged bird sings?

“Men themselves have wondered What they see in me.They try so muchBut they can’t touchMy inner mystery. I’m a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That’s me.” That’s what she was, with aplomb!! Maya Angelou!! A phoenomenal woman of strength, courage, grit sprinkled with wit and unapologised repartee!! She was a crackling poet, literary genius, an advocate of feminism andContinue reading “Do you know why the caged bird sings?”

You rock- Otherworldly#Writephoto

Stones and boulders aren’t hindrances They’re awesomeness solidified Otherwise why would they say You rock!! They appear strong, Composed with prudence, Confidently juxtaposed. That’s why they say You’re Bold- er!! They’re our natural ancestors resting here since eternity Making outwardly structures That’s why I know They’re divine and eternal!! Written for:- Sue Vincent’s photo promptContinue reading “You rock- Otherworldly#Writephoto”

Quarantine springs!!

It’s 26 degrees right now but I’m scared to step out for a leisurely walk. I had plans for building a bigger heart and smaller butt this summer but the virus disposed everything. When I sit back to digress, I can look and hear the din outside. Spring is sprinting in the air. The grassContinue reading “Quarantine springs!!”

You’re perseverant #whatdoyousee

You’ve tackled life’s humdrum’s diligently The alluring city lights couldn’t distract you Your hardships seasoned your efficacy Your steel has shined through in dark withering Times Your resilience has embarked upon you always You’ve embraced constraints while others were dilly dallying You’ve controlled gratifications and delayed them while staying observant Your hope and optimism hasContinue reading “You’re perseverant #whatdoyousee”