spring in the step

Ill be so happy to know that you are coming…. I will pair my scarlet velvet scarf with deep golden danglers Put on my lady rose perfume spraying in my black hair too Heart will recite the spring tunes, colorful like the crimson sky Decorate the crystal vases with yellow and white daffodils Heat upContinue reading “spring in the step”

Believe in your belief!

Life isn’t a predictable symphony always and many a times situations can make you languish and miserable. Don’t be surprised if sometimes you are questioning your own integrity and existence. We all live in a world of possibilities and it’s easy to become a victim of own circumstances. We can slip down and our fearsContinue reading “Believe in your belief!”

Gotta tell you Something ;)

I’m no great personality or well known around, my words wouldn’t matter much but I would really like to say that to you….no not you readers…I am talking about WordPress! Take it from me….you are doing a great job. Giving us a platform to voice our thoughts and let it be heard among all. OtherwiseContinue reading “Gotta tell you Something ;)”

What’s in your plate?

Some wise soul has remarked that food is the spice of life. Someone else has quoted that variety is the spice of life. I believe in both but more than that I believe in spices. Enchanting spices, colorful aromatic herbs and seasonings that make the food what it is! Forget food..life would be so insipidContinue reading “What’s in your plate?”

Good Morning!

  The slithery moonlight shined like snowflakes on oak trees while owls and bats perched upside down getting an overview. The trees dangled in their overgrown shadows and their wide cushioned leaves some green and fewer pale yellow shivered as a quiet breeze blew occasionally. The moonlit charismatic night wandered in its loneliness in theContinue reading “Good Morning!”

A for Attitude

Life is unfair. It can bring out the worst or the best in you. There might be moments which will tear you apart and you will be left searching for that belief that once underlined your existence. and mind you…life’s greatest lessons are the ones which were not taught in the classroom. Sometimes your circumstancesContinue reading “A for Attitude”