Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages

When you’ve always been an avid nature lover and scribbled your musings in your daily blog, It’s happiness writing. But when life throws an invincible opportunity to convert that blog into a book- your dream poetry bouquet, it’s blissful writing!! I recently participated in the May 2020 blogchatter ebook carnival launching my ebook- a poetryContinue reading “Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages”

I’m on cover page@ literary Voice magazine

View this post on Instagram A post shared by LitVoice Magazine (@litvoicemagazine) So glad to be featured on the cover page of literary voice magazine May issue 2020!!Woohoo 🥳 it can’t get any better than this 👏🏻🤩The book is available for reading on kindle. Also read my poem in the May edition – Flight ofContinue reading “I’m on cover page@ literary Voice magazine”

Friendship is for keeps

Friends are for keeps In your secret chamber of heart A true friend will count on you Even if you’re a crackpot! Near or far Distance doesn’t mind With true friends it’s always Love sublime! Friendship is heart over matter Not mind over matter And if you don’t have a heart It doesn’t matter!! FriendshipContinue reading “Friendship is for keeps”

Love Chose Me❤️❤️

Now the topic for this week is… Love. When I say love, you can write a poem on romantic love, or a thing that you love or maybe about your parents or relatives that you love. It can be anything that is got to do with love. Got it! Here’s my entry:- I couldn’t blameContinue reading “Love Chose Me❤️❤️”

Landscape: painted #Writephoto

Verdant greens Breathtaking cult views all over Resonating with chirping nature. Dancing wild grass matching the breezy beat Ducks bobbying the stream And water lilies balancing the buoyancy! Wild shrubs and climbers circumventing the rippling-pond And the aged red bridge joining the banks. The whole treasured panorama Paints a surreal picture Making it a mersmerisingContinue reading “Landscape: painted #Writephoto”

Cherished Childhood- Eugi’s weekly prompt

I cherish the Paper boats and splashing in puddles licking the cake spoon, eating the cream and baring the cookies gardening with grannies and spending summer holidays in tree houses I cherish Childhoods carelessness and hearty laughter’s shiny smiles, droopy sleeps and sleepovers of bundled dreams, missing tooth and bruised knees. galloping with friends andContinue reading “Cherished Childhood- Eugi’s weekly prompt”

The cute little girl # whatdoyousee

The sunshine glory is settling in the day while spring has spread its vivaciousness all around. The misty mountains are humming a gentle breeze caressing the blossoms and foliages alike. The trees canopies are absorbing abundance before the green grass drinks the daylight. As the day preps for galore, the little girl chirps ahead gigglingContinue reading “The cute little girl # whatdoyousee”