ख़ामोशी बातों में

ख़ामोशी बातों में, समंदर आँखों मेंमुस्कान लबों पे, जवाकुसुम बालों मेंऔर मोगरे का इत्र लगाकर,जब तुम नज़दीक से गुज़रती हो, तो मानो रुक सा जाता हूँ मैं तुम्हारी चंचलता, तुम्हारी सहजतातुम्हारा प्रतिबिम्ब, अमिट छाप छोड़ता है मुझपेवो माथे की बिंदी, वो जुड़वां काले नयनावो लहराता दुपट्टा, सम्मोहित करता है मुझे उस दिन तुम्हे जाते हुए,Continue reading “ख़ामोशी बातों में”

Flapping together #lucid

Birds dipped their wingsin the lucid flow of air,Caressing the azure sky.Flapping together in syncThey flow in formationsWith caws and screechesSpreading far and wideBreaking the lull.The echo of this cacophonySounds euphonic to the ears! Written for:/ Weekend writing prompt – Lucid

Fall fiesta 🍂#lynntuesdaypictureprompt

Your challenge or writing prompt is this: what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn This photo prompted me to write about my fall visit to Michigan few years ago, where we experienced a handcrafted fall fiesta, resplendent with autumn colors! Here’s my poemContinue reading “Fall fiesta 🍂#lynntuesdaypictureprompt”

Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala

One rainy morning, I wished to have a poetic treat to quench my thirst of roaming into the woods, sitting in silence beside the river and letting … Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala See, what my amazing thoughtful blogger friend Swarnali, has to say about my ebook “ Blossoms and foliages”!!Continue reading “Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala”


Wildflower!! You’re born to be a wildflower Wilted but never shattered  Blooming in crevices of anonymity  Destined to rise above the withering  In the rebound of hope and aspirations.  A wild flower, in swathes of sunshine  Ripening from weed to flower head  With gorgeous smells embedded  You infatuate me with your austerity  I’m jealous ofContinue reading “Wildflower🌸”


When the walls of flexibility expandAnd resource availability crumblesEnters jugaad like a flickering superstarSolving problems with innovationOffering Pragmatic redemptionWith Solution Resurrection!!Like a mammoth stable fixJugaad is unconventionalIt is colloquial, it might be frugalBut it’s the mainstay temporary hitA Savior with optimum fitBend the rules like jugaadJustified hacks that’ll make you glad!So when the resources areContinue reading “JUGAAD!”