Book Review: “Xanadu”by Harshita Nanda |#Blogchatter Ebook carnival

Introduction and Information about the book I’m a huge lover of nature and books, so how could I give this one a miss!! And how could you not be intrigued by the title – XANADU!! Harshita has put together an intoxicating concoction of surreal emotions, lingering memories, redeemed happiness and curvaceous life in the mountainsContinue reading “Book Review: “Xanadu”by Harshita Nanda |#Blogchatter Ebook carnival”

Patna 800020 – My new ebook

I lost my mum to COVID but her love and inspiration motivated me to finish the book. Inspite of all the pain, I completed it and it’s getting published with Blogchatter. I bow down in reverence to my mum for being my light, always. Here’s the book cover reveal. #BlogchatterEbookBook cover sketched by me. InContinue reading “Patna 800020 – My new ebook”