Cosmos within us: Eugi’s weekly prompt- stellar

Your Weekly Word Prompt – Stellar – February 24, 2020. “The cosmos conspires Swearing by the ethereal beauty. It’s a space time odyssey Where Everything coexists, interconnected, Delivering stellar performances, Magnanimous and bountiful. The spiraling confetti, The labyrinth of stars, The shining nature’s paraphernalia, All take us away from the chaos Closer to the cosmosContinue reading “Cosmos within us: Eugi’s weekly prompt- stellar”

Learning to ride #whatdoyousee!

Does this picture inspires you to write something? Yeah! It does! Here’s my take on the prompt:- Wikipedia defines bicycle as a single-track vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. I was also always behind my brother, coping with teeny weeny challenges while he mentored me in cycling. He usuallyContinue reading “Learning to ride #whatdoyousee!”


Here’s my take on the prompt:- A Bollywood movie was being shot at the picturesque locals of England, by the countryside and the set was put near a pond with sheep grazing in the field beyond. The golden sun rays made it an ideal day for shooting a romantic scene and a lyrical chartbuster song.Continue reading “Tantrums:-Still#Writephoto”

Total Internal Reflection#Whatdoyousee

Reflections by: Yunus Emre Uzun Does this picture inspires you to write something? Yeah! It does 😊here’s my take on the prompt:- “I did total Internal Reflection I reengineered my mind So when I see First I look inward Rectifying my flaws Cleansing toning moisturizing my thoughts With some extra TLC! So when I wearContinue reading “Total Internal Reflection#Whatdoyousee”

Valentine’s Day- Eugi’s weekly challenge- love

Your weekly word prompt – Love – February 10, 2020. Here’s my entry:- “St Valentinus honoring day I was pompous since a week Lovers feast with kisses in hay But eventually Despair strong and love meek In shadow, no surprises Blatant thoughts got me carried Heart melted in melancholy Either I can be in love,Continue reading “Valentine’s Day- Eugi’s weekly challenge- love”