Good morning: Daybreak #Writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a morning sky aflame above dark landscape, whose horizon is marked only by trees… Here’s my entry:- The slithery moonlight shined like snowflakes on oak trees while owls and bats perched upside down getting an overview. The trees dangled in their overgrown shadows and their wide cushioned leaves shiveredContinue reading “Good morning: Daybreak #Writephoto”

Lavish night-Eugi’s weekly prompt: glimmer

The prompt word is Glimmer! Here’s my entry:- “A glimmering night Moonlight scattered Jasmine lustful scent diffusing bright, Creamy gardenia mooning lilies Bloom like a flower is a simile! Moonlight romancing the breeze Sweet succulent honeysuckles squeeze! Dreams sing lullabies as the night dozes in restful sleep, Moonlight fans the fantasies in heaps! Heavenly flowerContinue reading “Lavish night-Eugi’s weekly prompt: glimmer”

Caution- Cave ahead!- entrance #Writephoto

PC – Sue Vincent For visually challenged writers, the image shows the a green and rocky landscape, with a path leading up to a dark-mouthed cave. Here’s my take on the prompt:- Come here in dismal dark Come inside my malicious cavity Come and commit a sin In this abysmal darkness. This enticing darkness Seeks vengeance,Continue reading “Caution- Cave ahead!- entrance #Writephoto”

I’m Time #whatdoyousee

Earth,sky, light,moon and fire I’ve seen their enigmatic entire I’m the immortal time I’ve witnessed everything’s prime I was, am and will be around till moments immemorial I’m mix of facts and fantasies, surreal Everything will diminish and boost I will be a spectator mute But here I’m not the ultimate Neither my endurance ThisContinue reading “I’m Time #whatdoyousee”

Undying love: keep#Writephoto

Pc- Sue Vincent “For visually challenged writers, the image shows the ruined tower of a castle, seen through the cross-shaped window of another tower.” The picture immediately reminded me of the supreme love saga of Shahjahan and Mumtaz mahal where the old emperor was house arrested by his own son Aurangzeb in his last days.Continue reading “Undying love: keep#Writephoto”


PC – Sue Vincent For visually challenged writers, the image shows a line of leaf-bare trees outlined against a pall of white smoke, brightly lit from within. The shape made by the smoke looks rather like the head of a mythical beast… Here’s my take on the prompt:- They had come to their honeymoon to thisContinue reading “Whisper-Fume#Writephoto”