Husnabai of faizabad- Book review by Radhika Acharya

Radhika Acharya of the J P family fame had great words to share about Husnabai. She’s chosen succulent words to describe Husnabai aptly and provided the best version of the story!! Kudos to you Radhika ❤️🤞🏻 You can order the book here:- – Daisy BalaAmazon and Kindle Unlimited. A short but telling tale ofContinue reading “Husnabai of faizabad- Book review by Radhika Acharya”

A Woman Extraordinaire – featured poetry

So Delighted that Ive been selected as the featured writer and my poetry piece has been published in the third issue of 2021 of INNSÆI journal (IJCLPH)! Gratitude Innsæi Journal : ljclph🙏🏻🙏🏻 You can visit the website here for the March Eve’s Special Issue 2021.

Oo Womaniyaa!

  I am eternally beautiful but I’m not obsessive about it, not boastful either. Like every other woman, I have hundreds of desires, few realistic too. I want everything in ratios and proportions to explore, every day I am hopeful to the future. But I’m contented too, my gratitude overwhelms invasive thoughts struggle likeContinue reading “Oo Womaniyaa!”

Beauty-The Eternal Gift

Beauty of nature lies in its miracles. Beauty of life lies in its uncertainty. Beauty of time lies in its transition. Beauty of a relation lies in its emotions. Beauty of success is that it is temporary. Beauty of a man lies in his steel. & the beauty of a woman lies in her endurance.Continue reading “Beauty-The Eternal Gift”