Husnabai of faizabad!!

My 3rd book is here on Amazon kindle!! “Husnabai of Faizabad” It’s published by WriteFluence and selected as a winning entry for WriteFluence singles 2 contest. A short read this historical fiction will keep you glued till the end!! Catch a glimpse of Husnabai and read to know what all the buzz is about!! LinkContinue reading “Husnabai of faizabad!!”


Offer!! Offer!!

My eBook Patna 800020 is free to download for the next 3 days on Google play !! Please do avail this offer and download my ebook for free and read it to leave a beautiful review behind or a word to share. Link – (absolutely free ebook) We also have a Special 10% DiscountContinue reading “Offer!! Offer!!”

Blog Tour – Daisy Bala’s Blossoms and Foliages

I’m happy to be taking part in the Blog Tour for Daisy Bala in promoting her bouquet of poetry. “If you truly love Nature, you will find Beauty … Blog Tour – Daisy Bala’s Blossoms and Foliages

Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala

One rainy morning, I wished to have a poetic treat to quench my thirst of roaming into the woods, sitting in silence beside the river and letting … Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala See, what my amazing thoughtful blogger friend Swarnali, has to say about my ebook “ Blossoms and foliages”!!Continue reading “Book Review – ‘Blossom and Foliages’ by Daisy Bala”

Free download “ blossoms and foliages”

Catch my ebook under the promotional umbrella and download your free copy today!!Here’s a sneak peek with a poetry for y’all to relish!! Pearls of wisdom!! Pearls entwined on silvery oaks Encasing Golden shadows Bask under the yon rich sky It’s a giving tree that speaks A SpeakingTree that gives Unlimited prudence on vagaries ofContinue reading “Free download “ blossoms and foliages””

Woohoo!!My book is available on kindle now!!

Woohoo!! My book is now available on Amazon Kindle. Refurbished with new poems to make a total of 40 eclectic pieces brimming with nature and its vibrancy!!The free download starts tomorrow ie.30 July, 12:30 pm IST to 3rd August, 12:30 pm IST.( 5 days promotion) Grab your free copies and post your invaluable reviews!! ItContinue reading “Woohoo!!My book is available on kindle now!!”

My Poetry selected for audio launch

Yoo-hoo!Three selected poems from my poetry bouquet is now coming in an audio CD, launched by Literoma in their “Audio story and poetry carnival”. The CD will be clubbed with other superb poets and launched in a fest soon!!