Woohoo!!My book is available on kindle now!!

Woohoo!! My book is now available on Amazon Kindle. Refurbished with new poems to make a total of 40 eclectic pieces brimming with nature and its vibrancy!!The free download starts tomorrow ie.30 July, 12:30 pm IST to 3rd August, 12:30 pm IST.( 5 days promotion) Grab your free copies and post your invaluable reviews!! ItContinue reading “Woohoo!!My book is available on kindle now!!”

Mango man!!

I don’t want to be famous It’s a lot of hassle and intrusion You will be baffled at how much can change Once you’re famous and prominent!! You will have to wear shades, when out To protect yourself from the glare of the crowd Ironically amongst whom, you wanted to be known Such is theContinue reading “Mango man!!”

My princess turned One🤩🥰❤️

On the silver chariot of moonlight Came a twinkling little star She sprinkled hugs and kisses Making life awesome by far! As parents we’re shining In enchantment and glee O what fun, it is with you Says a happy mommy me!! You’ve lighted up our days With sweet giggles and gibberish talk I’m so glad,Continue reading “My princess turned One🤩🥰❤️”

It’s not a dragon#anythingispenable

It’s not a dragon It doesn’t taste like fruit Disguised like a lotus bud You might find it cute!! It’s exfoliating soft core Is scooped to be eaten Great cry little wool The passionate fruit lover will find it appealing But it isn’t a passion fruit!! The elusive tropical delight Will boost your immunity LoadedContinue reading “It’s not a dragon#anythingispenable”