….and the winner is …me!!

Yippee!! And here comes the trophy from Women’s Web for the The Orange Flower Awards, 2022 winner in Hindi poetry!! It feels so good to be a winner….I’m basking in the sunshine moment, soaking up the glory ✌️🤞🏻😍 Thankyou once again team Women’s web and the hon’ble jury for my selection! Here’s the winning entry:-Continue reading “….and the winner is …me!!”


You’re my nucleus Mumma- now and forever!

Desolate, I brood. The marauding claws Strangled my nights…unendingly, pervasively Hyperventilating, I gripped your hand. Though momentarily assuring…Deathly Hallows and shadows of pain were burdening my existence Suddenly heavy gust of turbulence invaded the moment paralyzing death spread in the yonder And snatched you away Shifting from earth’s astral planes I lost your touch… shrillnessContinue reading “You’re my nucleus Mumma- now and forever!”

माँ, तुम्हारे चले जाने से !

जो किस्से वो सुनाती थी, जो क़द्रें वो सुनाती थीचन्दन और पानी सी पुष्पित पल्लवित लगती थींजो लज़ीज़ बातें वो सुनाती थी, उनकी खुशबू घर कर जाती थींउसकी साड़ी का आँचल, मोह ममता का समावेश थागुलमोहर के पत्तों सी बारीक उसकी गीली हंसीमेरी आख़री तमन्ना सी अनमोल थीएक ताज़ा लिपे पुते आँगन की तरह वोContinue reading “माँ, तुम्हारे चले जाने से !”