The Penable Short Story competition…… FOR KIDS!!!

Hey everyone, today we have a very special announcement… We’ll be having a short story competition for kids! 🎉🎉🎉 We’ll still be having our … The Penable Short Story competition…… FOR KIDS!!!

August is the best- Eugi’s weekly prompt

(A gust)of wind ushers you into August A slight chill, a retreating summer Nights knocking early I try to encapsulate my summerish extravaganza Into my unrelieved moods. Nature’s placid splash persists Blooms and bounty linger Happiness oxidizes the August sky!! Written for:- Eugi’s weekly prompt – August


I’m painting my perspective On the canvas of life I’m painting my extraordinary poetry With the colors of conviction This one will be my masterpiece The best one that’s ever curated With dreams reality and possibilities This epic frame will standout Imaginative one in the crowd of mundane My skillful soul is painting my muse…

Free download “ blossoms and foliages”

Catch my ebook under the promotional umbrella and download your free copy today!!Here’s a sneak peek with a poetry for y’all to relish!! Pearls of wisdom!! Pearls entwined on silvery oaks Encasing Golden shadows Bask under the yon rich sky It’s a giving tree that speaks A SpeakingTree that gives Unlimited prudence on vagaries of…

Shakuntala Devi- Not a Movie Review!

A wonder woman whose mind spoke numbers faster than a computer, who earned her way to becoming a globally renowned mathematical scholar, and held a … Shakuntala Devi- Not a Movie Review!

Woohoo!!My book is available on kindle now!!

Woohoo!! My book is now available on Amazon Kindle. Refurbished with new poems to make a total of 40 eclectic pieces brimming with nature and its vibrancy!!The free download starts tomorrow ie.30 July, 12:30 pm IST to 3rd August, 12:30 pm IST.( 5 days promotion) Grab your free copies and post your invaluable reviews!! It…

Mango man!!

I don’t want to be famous It’s a lot of hassle and intrusion You will be baffled at how much can change Once you’re famous and prominent!! You will have to wear shades, when out To protect yourself from the glare of the crowd Ironically amongst whom, you wanted to be known Such is the…