Husnabai of faizabad- Book review by Radhika Acharya

Radhika Acharya of the J P family fame had great words to share about Husnabai. She’s chosen succulent words to describe Husnabai aptly and provided the best version of the story!! Kudos to you Radhika ❤️🤞🏻 You can order the book here:- – Daisy BalaAmazon and Kindle Unlimited. A short but telling tale ofContinue reading “Husnabai of faizabad- Book review by Radhika Acharya”

Husnabai of faizabad!!

My 3rd book is here on Amazon kindle!! “Husnabai of Faizabad” It’s published by WriteFluence and selected as a winning entry for WriteFluence singles 2 contest. A short read this historical fiction will keep you glued till the end!! Catch a glimpse of Husnabai and read to know what all the buzz is about!! LinkContinue reading “Husnabai of faizabad!!”

I am grateful to life for choosing me as a daughter to my mum: The Story of Daisy Bala

Today is Mother’s Day. Today, we have Daisy Bala with us. Daisy will share her fond memories with her mother, and the lessons learned from her. Today… I am grateful to life for choosing me as a daughter to my mum: The Story of Daisy Bala

….and the winner is …me!!

Yippee!! And here comes the trophy from Women’s Web for the The Orange Flower Awards, 2022 winner in Hindi poetry!! It feels so good to be a winner….I’m basking in the sunshine moment, soaking up the glory ✌️🤞🏻😍 Thankyou once again team Women’s web and the hon’ble jury for my selection! Here’s the winning entry:-Continue reading “….and the winner is …me!!”

You’re my nucleus Mumma- now and forever!

Desolate, I brood. The marauding claws Strangled my nights…unendingly, pervasively Hyperventilating, I gripped your hand. Though momentarily assuring…Deathly Hallows and shadows of pain were burdening my existence Suddenly heavy gust of turbulence invaded the moment paralyzing death spread in the yonder And snatched you away Shifting from earth’s astral planes I lost your touch… shrillnessContinue reading “You’re my nucleus Mumma- now and forever!”

My Saffron star spangled experience!

I’m planning to rant a little bit here and beware…’s going to be a long one! It’s a kinda autobiography about my constantly evolving life and my ideas and haps( as in happenings) and mishaps. This writeup is precisely what I’ve picked from my life of 3 decades and few single years. So without muchContinue reading “My Saffron star spangled experience!”

माँ, तुम्हारे चले जाने से !

जो किस्से वो सुनाती थी, जो क़द्रें वो सुनाती थीचन्दन और पानी सी पुष्पित पल्लवित लगती थींजो लज़ीज़ बातें वो सुनाती थी, उनकी खुशबू घर कर जाती थींउसकी साड़ी का आँचल, मोह ममता का समावेश थागुलमोहर के पत्तों सी बारीक उसकी गीली हंसीमेरी आख़री तमन्ना सी अनमोल थीएक ताज़ा लिपे पुते आँगन की तरह वोContinue reading “माँ, तुम्हारे चले जाने से !”

Title – You’re a conspiracy of the Cosmos!

You’re made of things, that makes the black hole You’re dense and immortal, but with the pull of the cosmos you’re ubiquitous like ether, you shimmer in the snow dust and fireflies You’re not heavy on the shoulders like the sun heat You’re guiding like the refulgent glow and the dappled light You reproduce fromContinue reading “Title – You’re a conspiracy of the Cosmos!”

Title – Nature and women

Both are ethereal and pristine Both are impregnated with the power to create Both bloom in approving environments Both persevere through trials and tribulations Odds and prejudices Both can’t stay contrived and shed layers to refurbish And evolve with resurgent auras Both yield and discharge Both hone and absorb And absorb till it exudes AgonyContinue reading “Title – Nature and women”