अ- अपने सूरज को जगाओ – हिंदी कविता – #A2Z

इन मुश्किल पलों में,अपने सूरज को जगाओअपने जड़ों में नयी चेतना लाओस्वयंभू बनकर हर चुनौती पर डट जाओअपनी रौशनी में जगमगाओ। आसमान में छेद करके, बादलों को फांद जाओउजाले को बहने दो,दोनों हाथों से पी जाओअब जलो इस तेज में, ऊर्जा मेंआकंठ डुबो इस प्रकाशमय आकर्षण में। सकारात्मक और सदृढ़ रहने का निर्णय लेकरउसकी अभिपुष्टिContinue reading “अ- अपने सूरज को जगाओ – हिंदी कविता – #A2Z”

I radiate again! Winning entry ❤️

Title- I radiate again! I swallowed the sunThe refulgence burns me vividlyI shine in the exuberance of prudenceAnd sagacious sunlit wisdomThe halo gleams in my visionMy eyes paint the visage, incandescent goldenIt leaks light. I breathe the reverieBut as soon as the day retiresThe golden spot sinks in the deep oceanAnd the dark hallows ofContinue reading “I radiate again! Winning entry ❤️”

Karmic Konnections- winning poem!

This is special because it came on the #WorldPoetryDay2021 ❤️❤️Thankyou so much KalaManthan for selecting me the winner in the karmic connections poetry prompt!! Here’s the winning entry!! Title- Karmic love! I owed you a karmic debt from past lifeThe debt of your splendor love, that you had showered on me as your wifeBut ourContinue reading “Karmic Konnections- winning poem!”

Winner at “Ballad of Verses” poetry event!

So glad to be winning third prize at the “Ballad of Verses” poetry event organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles. You can watch the event here: – https://youtu.be/LTPGmioJN94 I received merchandise as winning prize!! And here’s the winning entry!! Title:- I was born to be loved ❤️ It flourishes in emotions, transcending physical proximitiesIt proliferates like light,Continue reading “Winner at “Ballad of Verses” poetry event!”

A Rhythmic Affair- poetry slam winner

So glad to announce that I won the poetry slam virtual event organized by Beyond the box . You can watch the event here:- https://www.facebook.com/beyondthebox2019/videos/281121376735854/ The winning entry is here !! Title – My Decadent Night Rendezvous! There’s an uneasiness engulfing me, since last few days The warm blanket and your coquetry  keep me engagedContinue reading “A Rhythmic Affair- poetry slam winner”

A Woman Extraordinaire – featured poetry

So Delighted that Ive been selected as the featured writer and my poetry piece has been published in the third issue of 2021 of INNSÆI journal (IJCLPH)! Gratitude Innsæi Journal : ljclph🙏🏻🙏🏻 You can visit the website here for the March Eve’s Special Issue 2021. https://innsaeijournal.co.in/current-issue/ https://innsaeijournal.co.in/announcement/