Valentine’s Day

It’s a lovely sonnet poem, I scribbled as ideas came rumbling to me. Enjoy the flow!! St Valentinus honoring day I was pompous since a week Lovers feast with kisses in hay But eventually Despair strong and love meek In shadow, no surprises Blatant thoughts got me carried Heart melted in melancholy Either I canContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Tenacious tresses, poem by Daisy Bala (MY MANE MEMORIES Poetry and Prose Series)

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:
Tenacious tresses by Daisy Bala Things that made me different were the things that made me That included my mane — insane Ever since I can visualize Sitting atop my head Twirling whirling unruly curls Unpretentious and docile Being scraped and torn with brushing Like a cutie pootie toddler…