Patna 800020 now published by Ukiyoto publishers!!

Mumma’s blessings ❤️🙏🏻🤞 Hi friends!! Very glad to announce that my book Patna 800020 has been published by Ukiyoto Publishing and is now available for purchase!! ❤️here’s the link on Amazon and their website!!Title Name – Patna 800020 Ukiyoto Paperback – Amazon eBook – Amazon Paperback – Do give the novella someContinue reading “Patna 800020 now published by Ukiyoto publishers!!”

Attraction- Eugi’s weekly prompt# Elegance

I saw her at a party. I was coming from behind when her soft giggles caught my attention. Her velvety tone and articulation were attractive. I wanted to stop to listen but didn’t want to look weird, hence moved on. I tried sticking to my herd and engage in the elaborate culinary delights but keptContinue reading “Attraction- Eugi’s weekly prompt# Elegance”

The doomed film set#whatdoyousee

Image credit; Kellepics- Pixabay For the Visually challenged readers, the picture shows a woman dressed as a warrior standing on a rock and next to her is a giant mask. One of the eye socket of which is half broken. Does this picture inspire you to write something? The highest grossing Bollywood movie ever, wasContinue reading “The doomed film set#whatdoyousee”

Learning to ride #whatdoyousee!

Does this picture inspires you to write something? Yeah! It does! Here’s my take on the prompt:- Wikipedia defines bicycle as a single-track vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. I was also always behind my brother, coping with teeny weeny challenges while he mentored me in cycling. He usuallyContinue reading “Learning to ride #whatdoyousee!”


Here’s my take on the prompt:- A Bollywood movie was being shot at the picturesque locals of England, by the countryside and the set was put near a pond with sheep grazing in the field beyond. The golden sun rays made it an ideal day for shooting a romantic scene and a lyrical chartbuster song.Continue reading “Tantrums:-Still#Writephoto”


PC – Sue Vincent For visually challenged writers, the image shows a line of leaf-bare trees outlined against a pall of white smoke, brightly lit from within. The shape made by the smoke looks rather like the head of a mythical beast… Here’s my take on the prompt:- They had come to their honeymoon to thisContinue reading “Whisper-Fume#Writephoto”