Spring Escapades – Nature Poem

The eastern influx of sunshine Spreads its vivacity and awakens the dozing directions all around Spreading like ether From the tree crowns, the sunshine basks inwards refined through the canopy of fresh leaves The woodlands breathe the shining nectar And the golden ambrosia bathes the whole savanna rejuvenated The sunfed bluebells and ramsons carpet theContinue reading “Spring Escapades – Nature Poem”

The owls and vampires have a story To say

Halloween moon whimpers! The nights suspended smog Peeps through The dozing mirthless trees A smog that’s viscose, heaving and panting One that gropes in the dark elusiveness. The Yonder looks penetrating and pensive Katydids and crickets chirp in choruses warning off predators In the lone shadows of night jungle Barred owls hoot in raucous duetsContinue reading “The owls and vampires have a story To say”