Offer!! Offer!!

My eBook Patna 800020 is free to download for the next 3 days on Google play !! Please do avail this offer and download my ebook for free and read it to leave a beautiful review behind or a word to share. Link – (absolutely free ebook) We also have a Special 10% DiscountContinue reading “Offer!! Offer!!”

Through the eyes of Ruskin!

Away from the atrocities of profane reality And the marauding claws of urbanization Still under the vigilant layers of pristine love And caressed by virgin nature Time stops at shamli, a paradise of sorts!! The rain in the mountains here Humidify the blustery air, waning the grey clouds And A flight of pegions, hasting aContinue reading “Through the eyes of Ruskin!”

What does poetry mean to you ?

I was bleeding in emotions and passions They erupted, In erotic hallucinations  I would crib, and crumble, turn pale and feeble  I shuffled in grey assorted sentiments  In anguish and sunlight  In my heart and in my mind Then I decided to ink my vulnerabilities  I conjured up my fleeting thoughts  And wrote the lyricalContinue reading “What does poetry mean to you ?”

Patna 800020 now published by Ukiyoto publishers!!

Mumma’s blessings ❤️🙏🏻🤞 Hi friends!! Very glad to announce that my book Patna 800020 has been published by Ukiyoto Publishing and is now available for purchase!! ❤️here’s the link on Amazon and their website!!Title Name – Patna 800020 Ukiyoto Paperback – Amazon eBook – Amazon Paperback – Do give the novella someContinue reading “Patna 800020 now published by Ukiyoto publishers!!”