Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.

Your Weekly Prompt – Dancing – April 27, 2020.

Care for a ballerina or a waltz

Swinging in style

Swag your attitude

Don’t care for faults.

Razzmatazz a Rumba

Or Stir up a Cha cha cha

Dropping off inhibitions

Dance a samba.

Pair up those musical feet

Two to tango

Dance up close

Or blast off in Bhangra beat.

Hit it with Jazz or Hip hop

Or Contemporary rules

Wear your dancing shoes

Beating away blues.

Or better still

If you’re confused

Which way to groove,

Just Put your hands up in the air

With sassy flair

As if you just don’t care!!

Written for:- Eugi’s weekly prompt – dancing

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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