I radiate again! Winning entry ❤️

Title- I radiate again! I swallowed the sunThe refulgence burns me vividlyI shine in the exuberance of prudenceAnd sagacious sunlit wisdomThe halo gleams in my visionMy eyes paint the visage, incandescent goldenIt leaks light. I breathe the reverieBut as soon as the day retiresThe golden spot sinks in the deep oceanAnd the dark hallows ofContinue reading “I radiate again! Winning entry ❤️”

Gorgeous Golden Gate!!Winning poetry

Here’s a picture prompt for this week Inviting you all to quill a #100words poem or micro tale (multiple submissions welcome)Submissions time closes by the midnight of Tuesday, 19th January 2021. Picture courtesy: Unsplash, Stephen Leonardi And Here’s the winning entry!! Title:- Gorgeous Golden Gate! Welcome to hotspot CaliforniaSuch a lovely place, such a lovelyContinue reading “Gorgeous Golden Gate!!Winning poetry”

Revolution # writephoto

I set off alone towards my goal But People kept joining me and the caravan was formed I started with an intention, and it became a motto I started with a speck and it became an indestructible spirit I started with a Hope, and it became a determination I started with a passion, and itContinue reading “Revolution # writephoto”

Fall fiesta 🍂#lynntuesdaypictureprompt

Your challenge or writing prompt is this: what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn This photo prompted me to write about my fall visit to Michigan few years ago, where we experienced a handcrafted fall fiesta, resplendent with autumn colors! Here’s my poemContinue reading “Fall fiesta 🍂#lynntuesdaypictureprompt”

#Butterflydance poetry winner

The competition was a picture prompt, as shown in the above landscape and here’s the winning entry:- “The scintillating starry scarf The night scarf, preened with allure And decadence of desires Desires and dreams of reaching out to the glimmer The glimmer of constellations and galaxies in the indigo night The night rendezvous, that goesContinue reading “#Butterflydance poetry winner”

It’s not a dragon#anythingispenable

It’s not a dragon It doesn’t taste like fruit Disguised like a lotus bud You might find it cute!! It’s exfoliating soft core Is scooped to be eaten Great cry little wool The passionate fruit lover will find it appealing But it isn’t a passion fruit!! The elusive tropical delight Will boost your immunity LoadedContinue reading “It’s not a dragon#anythingispenable”

Flight of freedom #Writephoto

I’m a falcon seamlessly driven I can flex and torque My tapered wings flap like a hawk Flight feathers long and slender like a ballerina I’m vicious like bird of prey hunting with eyes But I’m not like others in my tribe I would rather burn my feathers like a fireball in the sun OrContinue reading “Flight of freedom #Writephoto”

Memories #whatdoyousee

Image credit- Pixabay-DariuszSankowski ( The image shows an old-fashioned camera resting on a faded map. There are three photos in sepia print next to the camera) I’m a wanderlust Traveling without prejudices I steal moments to make them immortal Through my camera shoot and roll. I bring back memories galore In sepia tint and huesContinue reading “Memories #whatdoyousee”