Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt

Fallen leaves and bare branches The golden russet strikes in aplomb Before the Halloween moon will pierce cold shivers In the spine of the season Brown magenta, yellow oranges Tinge of hues, dollops of crunch Let it go, says the esprit de corps of the fallen leaf bunch Fall fiesta is a color palette OnContinue reading “Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt”


Time to be your own fairy # Eugi’s weekly prompt

How long will you be The damsel in distress, waiting for your Prince Charming How long you wanna be The Cinderella girl, waiting for her fairy godmother It’s the time to self implore and realize It’s The “time to be your own fairy!!” And sprinkle the fairy dust of liberty and courage on your willContinue reading “Time to be your own fairy # Eugi’s weekly prompt”

August is the best- Eugi’s weekly prompt

(A gust)of wind ushers you into August A slight chill, a retreating summer Nights knocking early I try to encapsulate my summerish extravaganza Into my unrelieved moods. Nature’s placid splash persists Blooms and bounty linger Happiness oxidizes the August sky!! Written for:- Eugi’s weekly prompt – August

Cherished Childhood- Eugi’s weekly prompt

I cherish the Paper boats and splashing in puddles licking the cake spoon, eating the cream and baring the cookies gardening with grannies and spending summer holidays in tree houses I cherish Childhoods carelessness and hearty laughter’s shiny smiles, droopy sleeps and sleepovers of bundled dreams, missing tooth and bruised knees. galloping with friends andContinue reading “Cherished Childhood- Eugi’s weekly prompt”

I’m fire within-Eugi’s weekly prompt- Sunshine

This morning When I wore the sunshine tiara The glory reached inside me Making me realize That I’m fire within! The sunshine is glowing inside me I’m Like an enlightened firefly! I found my wandering milestones I achieved them like stars shining All the hiccups melted away My pathways lit up vivid!! I drank upContinue reading “I’m fire within-Eugi’s weekly prompt- Sunshine”

Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.

Care for a ballerina or a waltz Swinging in style Swag your attitude Don’t care for faults. Razzmatazz a Rumba Or Stir up a Cha cha cha Dropping off inhibitions Dance a samba. Pair up those musical feet Two to tango Dance up close Or blast off in Bhangra beat. Hit it with Jazz orContinue reading “Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.”

The Rainy Bokeh- Eugi’s weekly prompt # Captivating

Wet roads in rains Splendid night rains wetting washing banality  Captivating diffusions Splattering vivacious color palettes on the way Greens yellows imbued in reds Watery glowy freshness whipping the vision canvases. Everything subdued and dim, translucent merging in. Till my rubbery wipers wipe away the million rosy crystal droplets on the windshields. They drip nContinue reading “The Rainy Bokeh- Eugi’s weekly prompt # Captivating”