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Nature’s bounty at its blooming best
yellow tulips breezing in unknown quest
is it just the season or my heart singing too
as far as the melody can go..

pink n purple hues
minty green n lavender blues
the spring is here fresh n crisp
n marigold bushes sway in a whip

the fountain gushes overflowing in haste
n jephson garden is reloaded with rich floral taste

the air is thick with vigourness as sunshine melts to soak-in
high street parade is breathing again as sale n discounts live-in

trains chug over the leamington station as the city lives a day
watch the amazing country side as u sit by and gaze

Daisy’s mushroom in my garden n every green patch
their is a velvetty moss growing along to make the match
white n yellow wee flowers carpeting effortlessly
lily fragrances diffussing n lingering along the stretch

ducks quack bobbying in the leam stream
the pigeons flutter along to match the scene
the mossy wooden benches in gardens n the wooden logs
white n yellow daffodils with alternating stripes
its the royal spring in leamington bursting with colours of life!