Pregnancy/Parenting-where the journey is the destination!!

The first words that come to my mind are WOW, an emotion so enriching!!

Nine months that you carry baby inside, the feeling is wonderful.

Pregnant with joy

The magical feeling of having a life inside .The continuous feeling of kicks and bumps of the little baby is overwhelming. The child gets nourishment and vitality via the mother and not just food and fluids but he would also catch your moods and thoughts. This umbilical cord not just physically connects but also emotionally and psychologically he gets imbibed in you.

For me, the bond grew strong with every passing phase and he became the new motivation of my life. I believed he would guide me further to my goals, spirits, responsibilities and we will hand hold together towards higher avenues in life.

This is strange but while pregnancy you have a life inside active n kicking and the feeling is beyond comparison. Only Love does not describe the emotion enough. Maybe this is what gods are made up of- The feeling of sanctity and soulfulness. This is the holiness of nature in its purest form and you are bound to be awestruck completely.

Pregnancy requires support and preparedness for the upcoming things. It is all about care, awareness, nutrition intake, medical supervision and love. The consultation cycle starts from obstetricians-gynecologists’ to family counselors, pediatrician, child psychologist to nutritionists.

Parenting – The next level

While pregnancy is a passing phase, parenting continues lifelong for me parenting every day is reminiscent of fun, enjoyment, learning and achievement. It is an institution like marriage and makes you mature, patient, prudent, enduring, better listener and a complete woman.

I believe mother experiences parenting at a deeper level than the father and it has been a harbinger of new phase in my life but fatherhood is a very important role which cannot be exchanged or undermined or understated. The excitement to see your child grow only increases with every passing day. The child is a sucker for love and the feeling is tenacious and refuses to die down. Today through internet many dedicated websites can also guide you through these phases of life.

The sleepless nights with him, the art to pacify him, the feeding, the incomparable motherly emotion, the oil massages to him, the diaper changes, his bathing and comforting him, singing lullabies and harmonizing with his gurgles, making him sit through cushions, playing peek-a boo with him, clapping and dancing around, adoring and encouraging his commando crawls, first few rickety walks in the baby walker, carrying him around in pram carriers and his need for me has made my life change forever for good. Learning baby proofing basics, parenting ages and stages, recognizing  key milestones in growth, engaging the whole family, selecting top baby names is all part of the learning and celebration called parenthood.

Maybe that’s why they say it’s like renaissance.


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