इ- इत्र सी मनभावन– हिंदी कविता – #A2Z

चैत और बैसाख की पुरवईयाजैसे कोई मीठी मादक बात,बसंत बहार का अल्हड रागजैसे बला सी खूबसूरत लाल गुलहड़ और गुलाबझींगुर की लोरी संगीतबद्ध, हरी लम्बी भीगी घासजैसे एक टुकड़ा जंगली खुशबू, एक मखमली टाटगाढ़ी नरगिसी डहेलिया की झुरमुटेंजैसे पीली फुवार में फब्ती चमकीली धूपफगुआ गाने को बेचैन गुलदाउदीजैसे सुनेहरे खुशखबरियों का गुच्छाइत्र सी मनभावन सफ़ेदContinue reading “इ- इत्र सी मनभावन– हिंदी कविता – #A2Z”


Walk! Woods! Wonderfull!!

Have you ever done this..walking to the woods and just being there physically mentally emotionally. The greenery overshadows you voraciously. Maybe it has a level of insanity, purity, inquisitiveness, drowsiness, unkempt secrets and wide stretches alongside. All you can see is tangy yellow zesty green grounded browns and peeking blues. Tall branched out merging inContinue reading “Walk! Woods! Wonderfull!!”

The cult landscape

The picturesque cult landscape This is a place somewhere..im sure not far from here where their is a small cottage house amidst the green carpeted grass spread high and low carefully and sometimes carelessly maneuvering behind the slopes. A house of woods and bricks restored with moments and love carefully plated in the front view.Continue reading “The cult landscape”