रात की चादर-हिंदी कविता – A2Z

सितारों की ओढ़नी से ये रात सुसज्जित है चंदा की बिंदिया माथे पर दमकती है रात की रानी मदहोशी सेचांदनी मे निखरती हैं फिर वही रात हैं खाविषों से धूलि हुई मैंने हाथ बढ़ा करकुछ सितारे समेटे हैं सपनो के बोयाम में रखकरछोड़ दिया है टिमटिमाहट तब परोसूँगी जब हसरतें उड़ान भरेंगी चंपा के गजरेContinue reading “रात की चादर-हिंदी कविता – A2Z”


सुबह होने को है – हिंदी कविता

सुबह होने को है ऊंघते अनमनाते पेड़ों की ओट सेरात का कोहरा झांकता हैकोहरा जो हांफता हैअँधेरे को टटोलता है सब दिशाएं सुन्न हैंझींगुर लोरी मैं मगन हैचांदनी रात की अकेली परछाई मेंदूर कोई पंछी फड़फड़ाता हैं एक चिल्लाहट भर केफिर शांत हो जाता हैरात की फुसफुसाहटफिर दबे पैर चलती है फूलों की ठंडी ओसक्यारियोंContinue reading “सुबह होने को है – हिंदी कविता”

Any Book reviews on My ebook are most welcome!!

Anyone looking for a nature splash!! Come and download my brand new ebook and give it a beautiful read!! Here’s the link:- https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/blossoms-and-foliages-by-daisy-bala/ It’s available free only for a limited period of time!! Any book reviews are most welcomed and acknowledged!! Have a great day everyone and happy reading ❤️❤️

Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages

When you’ve always been an avid nature lover and scribbled your musings in your daily blog, It’s happiness writing. But when life throws an invincible opportunity to convert that blog into a book- your dream poetry bouquet, it’s blissful writing!! I recently participated in the May 2020 blogchatter ebook carnival launching my ebook- a poetryContinue reading “Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages”

The cute little girl # whatdoyousee

The sunshine glory is settling in the day while spring has spread its vivaciousness all around. The misty mountains are humming a gentle breeze caressing the blossoms and foliages alike. The trees canopies are absorbing abundance before the green grass drinks the daylight. As the day preps for galore, the little girl chirps ahead gigglingContinue reading “The cute little girl # whatdoyousee”

Seasons greetings 😊🍀🌷# Eugi’s weekly prompt- Song

The Weekly Prompt – Song – March 9, 2020. I wrote this poem inspired by the ethereal spring beauty at Royal Leamington Spa in UK, where the nature’s spring blooms and summer sunshine was ripe and youthful. That summer the whole place appeared mesmerized humming a harmonious nature song . “Nature’s bounty at its bloomingContinue reading “Seasons greetings 😊🍀🌷# Eugi’s weekly prompt- Song”

Fire and ice- light #Writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a woodland scene with a dusting of snow and the sun, rising as a rayed orb through the boughs of a tree. Here’s my poetic expression for the image!!   “I’m fire and ice together The ice doesn’t let me live And the fire doesn’t let me die! TheContinue reading “Fire and ice- light #Writephoto”

Walk Relish Rest Repeat

An aeroplane roars past in the bright skyline while some birds usher back home. Its a soothing balmy evening and Im amongst greens in my new neighbourhood. Recently I moved to this place dropping my cares and bringing appetite for new tidings. Its crispy fresh here with the old fashioned  summer air and sunshine. JulyContinue reading “Walk Relish Rest Repeat”