Nature’s Canopy-Tranquil:#writephoto

It’s quiet in here

Im feeling good

Now there is no fear or anxiety

The tranquility has filled me therapeutically

And the greenery has overshadowed voraciously

The quiet pond ripples are echoing against the Dragonflies zing

While the American goldfinch lightly flutters with greeting acrobatics

Flocking for another sunflower seed and thistle

The dandelions are beating cadence with the lazy usher of wind

And the little yellow taraxacum stand next in line like tiny cousins meeting for a Sunday brunch

Small flies are preening and prancing while carpenter ants are hurrying across the pond

Indistinct birds are tweeting distantly and bees sauntering along

Trees of oaks, Berries, parsnips and figs with tall merging branches interlock, whispering in silence

I smell dingy leaves, sweet sunlight, fruity fructose decays and grass dews

While the sunlight has spread like a broken egg, spreading rays on the green canvas

It’s brilliantly abuzz with prime color green giving loveliness and brilliance

The rays are peeking in through the high and low branches winded like geometry

And spreading like ether

Nature is extravagant here and I’m absorbing abundance

Trees are persuading me to stay longer while sprig of grass blades gaze expectedly.

I know, I will sit some more to understand everything better!

Its always best to stay close to the nature- it will never fail you! I believe!

This post is written in response to the Sue Vincent write photo prompt- Tranquil # write photo

Hope you have enjoyed reading it!


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  1. Beautiful. This place just makes you want to relax.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. daisybala says:

      Thank you! Yeah even I pictured the place in my mind and the words flowed like symphony as if I’m already there!!


    1. daisybala says:

      Thank you Sue!! Your prompts are gateways to innovative imaginative thinking and I love diving into nature writing. This one in particular inspired me to write well and the symphony followed!


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