Holiday Cheer- from Daisy


Did a zillion things in these last few months gone by. Im keeping unnecessarily happy maybe coz the festive week is pompous sitting upfront and promising new beginnings.



Meanwhile I got spirited this thanksgiving and bought things that are tonic to me;) Like my long awaited Estee Lauder Smoky Noir collection kit.  It was  joy, oh joy and sheer magic box.I decked up and pouted few selfies before I got all weary.

Also got my Canon digital DSLR camera in a good befitting deal.These were my seasons greeters, just before christmas.

Yodelay-hee-ho, came with slew of snowfalls in early december and I watched the first flakes in the night sky shinning in bounty and valor.


I reached out for naked prancing branches heavy with snow and pepping out red cherries in the wild weather.I bounced out in mismatched gear and pushed snow in oblong piles till long, that only became a man when i put a carrot nose.


Finally Christmas arrived with all the trimmings and merry and cherry making cascaded all.I’ve been amidst friends far and near to celebrate the festive spirit in bunches and vigor.I brought santa paws home through my very own christmas tree that harvested gifts and smiles. It has been snow much fun ever since!!


The tidings of good cheer, eggnog, candles,cakes, carols will stay and I will honour them all year through.


Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store; maybe, perhaps; it means a little bit more!





Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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