Fire and ice- light #Writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a woodland scene with a dusting of snow and the sun, rising as a rayed orb through the boughs of a tree. Here’s my poetic expression for the image!!   “I’m fire and ice together The ice doesn’t let me live And the fire doesn’t let me die! TheContinue reading “Fire and ice- light #Writephoto”

End- your- cry-logy!! Web#Writephoto

Advertisement outside a male fertility clinic-(endocrinology) ( BEFORE )………………………….(AFTER) If you’ve lost your virility n vigor Don’t fear, when we’re here! We don’t cost a dime Till we restore your armor n Shine! We will protect your masculinity n manhood sense Thereby teeming your confidence! Come one come all n restore your sturdiness We meanContinue reading “End- your- cry-logy!! Web#Writephoto”

Come Rise this fall -Copper#Writephoto

Welcome to this week’s photo prompt.For visually challenged writers, the image shows a deserted path through the woods, carpeted with the fallen leaves of autumn. The host of the prompt is Sue Vincent! So here’s my take on the fall foliage!! Who needs flowers when curvaceous leaves of deciduous trees look so tempting? Autumn foliage isContinue reading “Come Rise this fall -Copper#Writephoto”

Destination Honeymoon: Choices# Writephoto

The image shows a dawn-kissed landscape with shadowed, snow-covered hills in the distance. Thank you Sue Vincent for the exciting prompt!! Here’s my prompt entry- a short story :- This was her maiden trip to a foreign land. Vibrantly tied in a freshly baked arranged marriage, she had frogleaped at the mere thought of aContinue reading “Destination Honeymoon: Choices# Writephoto”

Bollywood’s love affair – transition#Writephoto

Photo courtesy:- Sue Vincent The actress swooned ravishingly in her lacy red chiffon saree with the hero under the artificial rain sprinkles as the Bollywood( Indian movie industry is lovingly called Bollywood)director captured the Best romantic shot in his lenses. Considering the long standing affinity of Indian movies with foreign location shootings, this was aContinue reading “Bollywood’s love affair – transition#Writephoto”

Three blonde witches : Wicker # Writephoto

( read in the tune of 3 blind mice) Three blonde witches Three blonde witches See their hocus pocus See their hocus pocus Their witchery had appetite for the night, the three synchronized, nefariously bright, Did you ever see such a sight in your life As three blonde witches! Three blonde witches!! Flagrantly evil asContinue reading “Three blonde witches : Wicker # Writephoto”

My flashback was technicolor # Writephoto

Dilapidated I’m now Monochromatic Abandoned But My flashback was technicolor A cheerful disposition Echoing with giggles My walls hushed with emotions Of my occupants. Whispering happy vibes on thanksgiving kids came flocking for trick or treat Christmas brought flattering footsteps to homecoming All long weekends celebrated with tinkering champagne glasses When jaunty comedy sitcoms causedContinue reading “My flashback was technicolor # Writephoto”

That shade in the glade # Writephoto

I was in the woods in rich mossy spring field enjoying the spacious sky and amber greenery. Walking on little clovers and dandelions, crushing the weed gently, this walk coherent with my smile led me intuitively in the interiors. As my meh melted away, I saw a dense green patch to my right. Sinfully attractive,Continue reading “That shade in the glade # Writephoto”