Revolution # writephoto

I set off alone towards my goal But People kept joining me and the caravan was formed I started with an intention, and it became a motto I started with a speck and it became an indestructible spirit I started with a Hope, and it became a determination I started with a passion, and itContinue reading “Revolution # writephoto”

Flight of freedom #Writephoto

I’m a falcon seamlessly driven I can flex and torque My tapered wings flap like a hawk Flight feathers long and slender like a ballerina I’m vicious like bird of prey hunting with eyes But I’m not like others in my tribe I would rather burn my feathers like a fireball in the sun OrContinue reading “Flight of freedom #Writephoto”

Key to my heart- secret#writephoto

The key to finding the Key to my heart Is to delve a little deeper Beyond the casuals, beneath the smiles Into those besotted eyes My heart is waiting with abated breath For the master key to unlock love The key to finding the master key Is to search with earnest yearnings and deepest loveContinue reading “Key to my heart- secret#writephoto”

Landscape: painted #Writephoto

Verdant greens Breathtaking cult views all over Resonating with chirping nature. Dancing wild grass matching the breezy beat Ducks bobbying the stream And water lilies balancing the buoyancy! Wild shrubs and climbers circumventing the rippling-pond And the aged red bridge joining the banks. The whole treasured panorama Paints a surreal picture Making it a mersmerisingContinue reading “Landscape: painted #Writephoto”

The Crown awaits- dance#Writephoto

The crown awaits its ruler Rocks standing as knights Stoned in time Safeguarding the empty kingdom Against enemies, revolt or rebellion Bound by oaths and pledges of sovereignty and unity. The crown awaits earnestly The sun has dwindled, simmering its glory Waiting for it’s patronizing king The green path forlorn, forgotten Waiting in despondency ForContinue reading “The Crown awaits- dance#Writephoto”

Strangest Wedding procession- Eve#Writephoto

It was the night of holy matrimonial union of Shiva( the eternal mystical yogi) and Parvati( incarnation of goddess Durga). But when the groom Shiva started his wedding procession to Parvatti’s house, he was accompanied by giants, goblins and ghouls. Some came on pigs and donkeys while some were three legged. Demented beings speaking gibberishContinue reading “Strangest Wedding procession- Eve#Writephoto”

You rock- Otherworldly#Writephoto

Stones and boulders aren’t hindrances They’re awesomeness solidified Otherwise why would they say You rock!! They appear strong, Composed with prudence, Confidently juxtaposed. That’s why they say You’re Bold- er!! They’re our natural ancestors resting here since eternity Making outwardly structures That’s why I know They’re divine and eternal!! Written for:- Sue Vincent’s photo promptContinue reading “You rock- Otherworldly#Writephoto”