Three blonde witches : Wicker # Writephoto

( read in the tune of 3 blind mice) Three blonde witches Three blonde witches See their hocus pocus See their hocus pocus Their witchery had appetite for the night, the three synchronized, nefariously bright, Did you ever see such a sight in your life As three blonde witches! Three blonde witches!! Flagrantly evil asContinue reading “Three blonde witches : Wicker # Writephoto”

The contest : sign #writephoto

The signboard outside, pointed to the inside event of “wicked witch of the west” contest Margaret Hamilton rushed to the competition all dressed The amphitheater was jam packed with dwarfs, wizards and witches Aspiring witch Hamilton hurriedly rushed to her seat without hitches Everywhere tall black conical hat abounded The old hag addressed the contestContinue reading “The contest : sign #writephoto”