I radiate again! Winning entry ❤️

Title- I radiate again! I swallowed the sunThe refulgence burns me vividlyI shine in the exuberance of prudenceAnd sagacious sunlit wisdomThe halo gleams in my visionMy eyes paint the visage, incandescent goldenIt leaks light. I breathe the reverieBut as soon as the day retiresThe golden spot sinks in the deep oceanAnd the dark hallows ofContinue reading “I radiate again! Winning entry ❤️”

Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry

Here’s the winning poetry:- Turn my blue heart red Who are you? My preying eyes have known this beguiling face since eternity But you’re not my charming wife, for she died in fire, by a bloody mob You’re someone else, born with the same scent at the nape of your neck The same serenading demeanor,Continue reading “Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry”