Dino-saur-us too!#whatdoyousee

I was playing in the backyard with a friend I saw a dinosaur chomping there I think he saurus too My spirits saured, so I went to say hello And give him a pre- historic welcome! It was a t- rex with short arms He hugged me closer to his heart. Gladly, I invited himContinue reading “Dino-saur-us too!#whatdoyousee”


The cute little girl # whatdoyousee

The sunshine glory is settling in the day while spring has spread its vivaciousness all around. The misty mountains are humming a gentle breeze caressing the blossoms and foliages alike. The trees canopies are absorbing abundance before the green grass drinks the daylight. As the day preps for galore, the little girl chirps ahead gigglingContinue reading “The cute little girl # whatdoyousee”

Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee

The battle of strong Vs meek It’s the story of storm and the ship It was a dark night Waves came crashing mild A small timid sailing ship Surfaced, Looking for companionship Wandering In the bobbing sea slime Anxious but determined The ship shuffled on the waves Hoping the sea behaves Trying to reach itsContinue reading “Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee”

You’re perseverant #whatdoyousee

You’ve tackled life’s humdrum’s diligently The alluring city lights couldn’t distract you Your hardships seasoned your efficacy Your steel has shined through in dark withering Times Your resilience has embarked upon you always You’ve embraced constraints while others were dilly dallying You’ve controlled gratifications and delayed them while staying observant Your hope and optimism hasContinue reading “You’re perseverant #whatdoyousee”

Spectacular night#whatdoyousee

Does this picture inspire you to write something? Yeah!! It does!! Here’s my entry:- Read in the tune of 3 blind mice!! Surreal Northern lights Surreal Northern lights See their vivid dazzle See their vivid dazzle Their magnificence had appetite for the night, Vibrant, synchronized, brilliantly bright, Did you ever see such a sight inContinue reading “Spectacular night#whatdoyousee”

The doomed film set#whatdoyousee

Image credit; Kellepics- Pixabay For the Visually challenged readers, the picture shows a woman dressed as a warrior standing on a rock and next to her is a giant mask. One of the eye socket of which is half broken. Does this picture inspire you to write something? The highest grossing Bollywood movie ever, wasContinue reading “The doomed film set#whatdoyousee”

Learning to ride #whatdoyousee!

Does this picture inspires you to write something? Yeah! It does! Here’s my take on the prompt:- Wikipedia defines bicycle as a single-track vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. I was also always behind my brother, coping with teeny weeny challenges while he mentored me in cycling. He usuallyContinue reading “Learning to ride #whatdoyousee!”

Total Internal Reflection#Whatdoyousee

Reflections by: Yunus Emre Uzun Does this picture inspires you to write something? Yeah! It does 😊here’s my take on the prompt:- “I did total Internal Reflection I reengineered my mind So when I see First I look inward Rectifying my flaws Cleansing toning moisturizing my thoughts With some extra TLC! So when I wearContinue reading “Total Internal Reflection#Whatdoyousee”

What do you see#7

Under the caves canopy Magnanimous stalactites and stalagmites Tear through and hang uprooted! Limestone mineral rocks in earth’s cavity Stand cold and bizarre! We two Lunatics while exploring placid waters Found this hidden cavern wrinkled in time! Millions of years old!! So repetitive yet so astounding, So lifeless yet so breathtaking!! Eureka!! Written for WhatContinue reading “What do you see#7”