Cosmos within us: Eugi’s weekly prompt- stellar

Your Weekly Word Prompt – Stellar – February 24, 2020. “The cosmos conspires Swearing by the ethereal beauty. It’s a space time odyssey Where Everything coexists, interconnected, Delivering stellar performances, Magnanimous and bountiful. The spiraling confetti, The labyrinth of stars, The shining nature’s paraphernalia, All take us away from the chaos Closer to the cosmosContinue reading “Cosmos within us: Eugi’s weekly prompt- stellar”

Bollywood’s love affair – transition#Writephoto

Photo courtesy:- Sue Vincent The actress swooned ravishingly in her lacy red chiffon saree with the hero under the artificial rain sprinkles as the Bollywood( Indian movie industry is lovingly called Bollywood)director captured the Best romantic shot in his lenses. Considering the long standing affinity of Indian movies with foreign location shootings, this was aContinue reading “Bollywood’s love affair – transition#Writephoto”