Love Chose Me❤️❤️

Now the topic for this week is… Love. When I say love, you can write a poem on romantic love, or a thing that you love or maybe about your parents or relatives that you love. It can be anything that is got to do with love. Got it! Here’s my entry:- I couldn’t blameContinue reading “Love Chose Me❤️❤️”

Lavish night-Eugi’s weekly prompt: glimmer

The prompt word is Glimmer! Here’s my entry:- “A glimmering night Moonlight scattered Jasmine lustful scent diffusing bright, Creamy gardenia mooning lilies Bloom like a flower is a simile! Moonlight romancing the breeze Sweet succulent honeysuckles squeeze! Dreams sing lullabies as the night dozes in restful sleep, Moonlight fans the fantasies in heaps! Heavenly flowerContinue reading “Lavish night-Eugi’s weekly prompt: glimmer”