A call from beyond!!

It must have been well past midnight  The moon had creeped in its last orbit  And grim darkness was germinating in a dense nub My day had been shadowed by agonizing pain  I was bereaving in loss  Fathomed memories were surging intermittently  The reminiscences of my mom  Kept resurfacing…. I felt bereft. Suddenly the mobileContinue reading “A call from beyond!!”


This green balm is serenading, spreading on my forehead beneath the yon sanguine sky. It’s becoming my top of the mind recall…diluting my berserk mind. They say nature stirs a clarity inside you….I say at least it’s engrossing. Each breath has become observant, reminiscent of the vista… thawing the emotions…outlining the blur. I breath aContinue reading “Haibun!!”