Winner at “Ballad of Verses” poetry event!

So glad to be winning third prize at the “Ballad of Verses” poetry event organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles. You can watch the event here: – I received merchandise as winning prize!! And here’s the winning entry!! Title:- I was born to be loved ❤️ It flourishes in emotions, transcending physical proximitiesIt proliferates like light,Continue reading “Winner at “Ballad of Verses” poetry event!”

#Butterflydance poetry winner

The competition was a picture prompt, as shown in the above landscape and here’s the winning entry:- “The scintillating starry scarf The night scarf, preened with allure And decadence of desires Desires and dreams of reaching out to the glimmer The glimmer of constellations and galaxies in the indigo night The night rendezvous, that goesContinue reading “#Butterflydance poetry winner”