Wildflower!! You’re born to be a wildflower Wilted but never shattered  Blooming in crevices of anonymity  Destined to rise above the withering  In the rebound of hope and aspirations.  A wild flower, in swathes of sunshine  Ripening from weed to flower head  With gorgeous smells embedded  You infatuate me with your austerity  I’m jealous ofContinue reading “Wildflower🌸”

We will overcome Covid!

The world has come to a languishing standstill The pandemics ghastliness has weaved a grotesque labyrinth The maliciousness is tenacious and treacherous That mutates each sorrow and loss! I complained of lockdown till I saw the miserliness of those plagued I was complaining of being homelocked till I saw the ones bereaved I complained thatContinue reading “We will overcome Covid!”