Landscape: painted #Writephoto

Verdant greens Breathtaking cult views all over Resonating with chirping nature. Dancing wild grass matching the breezy beat Ducks bobbying the stream And water lilies balancing the buoyancy! Wild shrubs and climbers circumventing the rippling-pond And the aged red bridge joining the banks. The whole treasured panorama Paints a surreal picture Making it a mersmerisingContinue reading “Landscape: painted #Writephoto”

The cute little girl # whatdoyousee

The sunshine glory is settling in the day while spring has spread its vivaciousness all around. The misty mountains are humming a gentle breeze caressing the blossoms and foliages alike. The trees canopies are absorbing abundance before the green grass drinks the daylight. As the day preps for galore, the little girl chirps ahead gigglingContinue reading “The cute little girl # whatdoyousee”

The Crown awaits- dance#Writephoto

The crown awaits its ruler Rocks standing as knights Stoned in time Safeguarding the empty kingdom Against enemies, revolt or rebellion Bound by oaths and pledges of sovereignty and unity. The crown awaits earnestly The sun has dwindled, simmering its glory Waiting for it’s patronizing king The green path forlorn, forgotten Waiting in despondency ForContinue reading “The Crown awaits- dance#Writephoto”


Image credit: Pixabay- Zhugher( For visually challenged reader, the photo shows a man, on a pier, in a carefree swinging movement. A body of water is visible in the background) “Im Walking, mersmerised thinking about her Heart beating in cadence with my dreams The anticipation of meeting her today The joy sparkling through my eyesContinue reading “Mesmerized#whatdoyousee”

Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.

Care for a ballerina or a waltz Swinging in style Swag your attitude Don’t care for faults. Razzmatazz a Rumba Or Stir up a Cha cha cha Dropping off inhibitions Dance a samba. Pair up those musical feet Two to tango Dance up close Or blast off in Bhangra beat. Hit it with Jazz orContinue reading “Dancing away blues-Eugi’s weekly prompt.”

Strangest Wedding procession- Eve#Writephoto

It was the night of holy matrimonial union of Shiva( the eternal mystical yogi) and Parvati( incarnation of goddess Durga). But when the groom Shiva started his wedding procession to Parvatti’s house, he was accompanied by giants, goblins and ghouls. Some came on pigs and donkeys while some were three legged. Demented beings speaking gibberishContinue reading “Strangest Wedding procession- Eve#Writephoto”

Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee

The battle of strong Vs meek It’s the story of storm and the ship It was a dark night Waves came crashing mild A small timid sailing ship Surfaced, Looking for companionship Wandering In the bobbing sea slime Anxious but determined The ship shuffled on the waves Hoping the sea behaves Trying to reach itsContinue reading “Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee”