Wildflower!! You’re born to be a wildflower Wilted but never shattered  Blooming in crevices of anonymity  Destined to rise above the withering  In the rebound of hope and aspirations.  A wild flower, in swathes of sunshine  Ripening from weed to flower head  With gorgeous smells embedded  You infatuate me with your austerity  I’m jealous ofContinue reading “Wildflower🌸”


When the walls of flexibility expandAnd resource availability crumblesEnters jugaad like a flickering superstarSolving problems with innovationOffering Pragmatic redemptionWith Solution Resurrection!!Like a mammoth stable fixJugaad is unconventionalIt is colloquial, it might be frugalBut it’s the mainstay temporary hitA Savior with optimum fitBend the rules like jugaadJustified hacks that’ll make you glad!So when the resources areContinue reading “JUGAAD!”

We will overcome Covid!

The world has come to a languishing standstill The pandemics ghastliness has weaved a grotesque labyrinth The maliciousness is tenacious and treacherous That mutates each sorrow and loss! I complained of lockdown till I saw the miserliness of those plagued I was complaining of being homelocked till I saw the ones bereaved I complained thatContinue reading “We will overcome Covid!”


When she walked the by lanes in yellow kurti churidar And lehariya dupatta Even the golden oldies Suspired Recollecting their Yesteryears prime When She bit her scarlet lips The blue wispy clouds winked in dalliance Her lilac hair fragrance perfumed her aura The green foliages restless to borrow her vivaciousness The orange marmalade sky envyingContinue reading “VIBGYOR”