घ- घर-हिंदी कविता – A2Z

हर घर की एक दास्ताँ होती है, एक व्यक्तित्व होता हैजो उसकी दीवारें बयान करती हैं, उसका छत बतलाता हैखिड़कियाँ झांकती हैं, खुशियों की आंखमिचोली मेंदरवाज़ें तोमर से स्वागत करते हैं। घर जो बच्चों की हंसी से निखरता है,परस्पर प्रेम से पनपता हैत्योंहारों में सजता है, छुट्टियों में ऊंघता हैअपनी आशाओं, अपने आसमान से गूंजताContinue reading “घ- घर-हिंदी कविता – A2Z”


क – कतरा कतरा पिघलती शाम– हिंदी कविता – #A2Z

कतरा कतरा पिघलती शाममुझमें हर्फ़ – दर – हर्फ़ कुछ उकेरती हैरूहानी रोमानी गुलाबी छटाकशिश के रंग बिखेरती है ।ढलता सूरज ढलते आँचल सा मनचला हैमैं हरसिंगार इत्र सी पसरती हूँतुम्हारा प्यार रात की तरह भीतरघुन्ना हैमैं दिल के राज़ टटोलती हूँ ।मेरी तिश्नगी अँधेरे में डूब जाती हैपरछाइयों का मेला लग जाता हैमैं रातContinue reading “क – कतरा कतरा पिघलती शाम– हिंदी कविता – #A2Z”

Karmic Konnections- winning poem!

This is special because it came on the #WorldPoetryDay2021 ❤️❤️Thankyou so much KalaManthan for selecting me the winner in the karmic connections poetry prompt!! Here’s the winning entry!! Title- Karmic love! I owed you a karmic debt from past lifeThe debt of your splendor love, that you had showered on me as your wifeBut ourContinue reading “Karmic Konnections- winning poem!”

Dilapidated lives!

While searching the room through his gaze, his attention paused at the flower vase. Flowers made Tim think of Jane. His harpy wife who had died 20 years ago after a short illness of multiple sclerosis. Tim was thankful that she passed off without much ado because their marriage wasn’t upholding its buoyancy since manyContinue reading “Dilapidated lives!”

I was born to be loved ❤️

It flourishes in emotions, transcending physical proximitiesIt proliferates like light, absorbed in the dense nub of the soulInvisible, invincible, it has incandescent warmthDoors can’t block itHeights don’t scare itBlockages can’t protrude itViciousness can’t diffuse itBorders can’t contradict itDarkness can’t dwindle itMorn to night, it etches concrete somethingUnbounded, it just flowsLike ether, pervasive….Ebbing and flowing fromContinue reading “I was born to be loved ❤️”

In perspective : 2020

“Gratitude for an year gone by Thanking an year in anticipation 2020 gave me light as a seeker… It’s going to get magnanimous with 2021! The lock down year ushered pertinent lessons  Reassessing the priorities, counting the blessings! Good riddance 2020 A year nobody will miss Bidding adieu to nature’s malediction  The miseries of theContinue reading “In perspective : 2020”

Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry

Here’s the winning poetry:- Turn my blue heart red Who are you? My preying eyes have known this beguiling face since eternity But you’re not my charming wife, for she died in fire, by a bloody mob You’re someone else, born with the same scent at the nape of your neck The same serenading demeanor,Continue reading “Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry”

Blog tour- Vidhi Duggal’s- Where rainbow meets the Sky!

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Vidhi promoting her fictional love saga “ Where rainbow meets the sky”. The book has premiered through the Blogchatter ebook carnival this year and received elaborate love and attention. So let me introduce y’all to the plot of the story and main characters.Continue reading “Blog tour- Vidhi Duggal’s- Where rainbow meets the Sky!”

Key to my heart- secret#writephoto

The key to finding the Key to my heart Is to delve a little deeper Beyond the casuals, beneath the smiles Into those besotted eyes My heart is waiting with abated breath For the master key to unlock love The key to finding the master key Is to search with earnest yearnings and deepest loveContinue reading “Key to my heart- secret#writephoto”

Love Chose Me❤️❤️

Now the topic for this week is… Love. When I say love, you can write a poem on romantic love, or a thing that you love or maybe about your parents or relatives that you love. It can be anything that is got to do with love. Got it! Here’s my entry:- I couldn’t blameContinue reading “Love Chose Me❤️❤️”