Dilapidated lives!

While searching the room through his gaze, his attention paused at the flower vase. Flowers made Tim think of Jane. His harpy wife who had died 20 years ago after a short illness of multiple sclerosis. Tim was thankful that she passed off without much ado because their marriage wasn’t upholding its buoyancy since manyContinue reading “Dilapidated lives!”

Blog tour- Vidhi Duggal’s- Where rainbow meets the Sky!

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Vidhi promoting her fictional love saga “ Where rainbow meets the sky”. The book has premiered through the Blogchatter ebook carnival this year and received elaborate love and attention. So let me introduce y’all to the plot of the story and main characters.Continue reading “Blog tour- Vidhi Duggal’s- Where rainbow meets the Sky!”

Blog tour- Hemlata Bisht’s – Tum Tak

Today, I’m so excited to be participating in the blog tour for Hemlata, promoting her gorgeous fictional love story “ Tum Tak : Lucknow to Mumbai via Indore” The book has hogged the limelight for being numero Uno in its category!! #1 bestseller!! I’ve had the privilege to read this gripping tale and would loveContinue reading “Blog tour- Hemlata Bisht’s – Tum Tak”