Mango man!!

I don’t want to be famous It’s a lot of hassle and intrusion You will be baffled at how much can change Once you’re famous and prominent!! You will have to wear shades, when out To protect yourself from the glare of the crowd Ironically amongst whom, you wanted to be known Such is theContinue reading “Mango man!!”

End- your- cry-logy!! Web#Writephoto

Advertisement outside a male fertility clinic-(endocrinology) ( BEFORE )………………………….(AFTER) If you’ve lost your virility n vigor Don’t fear, when we’re here! We don’t cost a dime Till we restore your armor n Shine! We will protect your masculinity n manhood sense Thereby teeming your confidence! Come one come all n restore your sturdiness We meanContinue reading “End- your- cry-logy!! Web#Writephoto”