My flashback was technicolor # Writephoto

Dilapidated I’m now Monochromatic Abandoned But My flashback was technicolor A cheerful disposition Echoing with giggles My walls hushed with emotions Of my occupants. Whispering happy vibes on thanksgiving kids came flocking for trick or treat Christmas brought flattering footsteps to homecoming All long weekends celebrated with tinkering champagne glasses When jaunty comedy sitcoms causedContinue reading “My flashback was technicolor # Writephoto”

Happiness is… a trip to India!

Today is the last day of winter… Alexa is telling me that! Looking at the weather chart it’s hard to comprehend … but that’s definitely a reason to rejoice. I want the severe cold weather to whimper away, paving way for the cherry blossoms. Like a freshly baked Cinnabon, I have recently returned from IndiaContinue reading “Happiness is… a trip to India!”