When was the last time, you experienced something for the first time!

It is a balmy saturday evening and i’m soaking the vacation sunshine and abundance. Ticking my itinerary, i’m hopping to the Cathedral basilica of st louis, for corporately attending a gathering and pay homage n regards. What followed is an experience(praise hands emoji), i have imbibed in my spirits.The beautiful architecture through the vestibule andContinue reading “When was the last time, you experienced something for the first time!”

Godliness in greenery!

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ Cleanliness and godliness have been interchangeably used since time immemorial. Though it can’t be traced to biblical era but Hebrew connections in the past do show off about the emphasis. However the newbie toast of the town isContinue reading “Godliness in greenery!”

There’s nobody other..like you Mother!

I’ve been thinking hard about what I should write on you! Though I’m flooded with adjectives but there isn’t a starting point I can think of. You are passion,persistence,prudence,precious and pure.I guess it’s just like your love mother. It doesn’t have well defined sealed boundaries. It’s like canvas paint, the blue unknown, prayers on aContinue reading “There’s nobody other..like you Mother!”