Friendship is for keeps

Friends are for keeps In your secret chamber of heart A true friend will count on you Even if you’re a crackpot! Near or far Distance doesn’t mind With true friends it’s always Love sublime! Friendship is heart over matter Not mind over matter And if you don’t have a heart It doesn’t matter!! FriendshipContinue reading “Friendship is for keeps”

Faith supper-Go Gaiety goes!

Can we find luck in the melting pot; yeah we can if it is a potluck celebration. All friends gather and lather up a food plan for a sumptuous meal together. An elaborate exemplary menu satisfying the taste buds in abundance. We plan through courses of meal and divide the menu as per the convenienceContinue reading “Faith supper-Go Gaiety goes!”

Childhood inspires!

Childhood inspires! Paper boats and splashing in puddles, licking the spoon while mummy makes chocolate muffins, eating the cream out of the cookies before they are served, wished bubbles grew on trees, gardening with granddad and spending summer holidays in tree houses and mango grooves. Childhood was all about carelessness and hearty laughter’s, shares andContinue reading “Childhood inspires!”