Happiness is… a trip to India!

Today is the last day of winter… Alexa is telling me that! Looking at the weather chart it’s hard to comprehend … but that’s definitely a reason to rejoice. I want the severe cold weather to whimper away, paving way for the cherry blossoms. Like a freshly baked Cinnabon, I have recently returned from IndiaContinue reading “Happiness is… a trip to India!”

Faith supper-Go Gaiety goes!

Can we find luck in the melting pot; yeah we can if it is a potluck celebration. All friends gather and lather up a food plan for a sumptuous meal together. An elaborate exemplary menu satisfying the taste buds in abundance. We plan through courses of meal and divide the menu as per the convenienceContinue reading “Faith supper-Go Gaiety goes!”

What’s in your plate?

Some wise soul has remarked that food is the spice of life. Someone else has quoted that variety is the spice of life. I believe in both but more than that I believe in spices. Enchanting spices, colorful aromatic herbs and seasonings that make the food what it is! Forget food..life would be so insipidContinue reading “What’s in your plate?”