Fall fiesta 🍂#lynntuesdaypictureprompt

Your challenge or writing prompt is this: what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn This photo prompted me to write about my fall visit to Michigan few years ago, where we experienced a handcrafted fall fiesta, resplendent with autumn colors! Here’s my poemContinue reading “Fall fiesta 🍂#lynntuesdaypictureprompt”

Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt

Fallen leaves and bare branches The golden russet strikes in aplomb Before the Halloween moon will pierce cold shivers In the spine of the season Brown magenta, yellow oranges Tinge of hues, dollops of crunch Let it go, says the esprit de corps of the fallen leaf bunch Fall fiesta is a color palette OnContinue reading “Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt”