Dino-saur-us too!#whatdoyousee

I was playing in the backyard with a friend I saw a dinosaur chomping there I think he saurus too My spirits saured, so I went to say hello And give him a pre- historic welcome! It was a t- rex with short arms He hugged me closer to his heart. Gladly, I invited himContinue reading “Dino-saur-us too!#whatdoyousee”

Caution: Cave ahead.

Caves and caverns might sound like a lunatic’s interest or geologists muse but not when its a national heritage tourist attraction. My adventure extravaganza began 60 feet underground in this cave which is a preserved site now.It was a dark dingy cavern with a crude path elevating and disappearing at sharp turns, abundant with limestoneContinue reading “Caution: Cave ahead.”