We will overcome Covid!

The world has come to a languishing standstill The pandemics ghastliness has weaved a grotesque labyrinth The maliciousness is tenacious and treacherous That mutates each sorrow and loss! I complained of lockdown till I saw the miserliness of those plagued I was complaining of being homelocked till I saw the ones bereaved I complained thatContinue reading “We will overcome Covid!”

Be safe, be sassy!

The mask you’re donning isn’t just a protective gear anymore, it’s the newbie fashion accessory on the block. And mind you ladies, this fad isn’t going anywhere too soon, it’s staying here in style and sizzle. The pandemic has brought us all under the common distress umbrella where mask is the first safety equipment, mandatoryContinue reading “Be safe, be sassy!”

Quarantine springs!!

It’s 26 degrees right now but I’m scared to step out for a leisurely walk. I had plans for building a bigger heart and smaller butt this summer but the virus disposed everything. When I sit back to digress, I can look and hear the din outside. Spring is sprinting in the air. The grassContinue reading “Quarantine springs!!”

In the times of Quarantine!

So while we ladies are busy posing for the saree challenge on fb, corona keeps everyone gripped and occupied. Homelocked now, for weeks, the world has found normalcy in this makeshift routine. We’re starting to get cosy in being remote, staying glued to the screen, fingertips working diligently. We’ve realized that whining will not help,Continue reading “In the times of Quarantine!”

The Virus that United us!!

The world is terribly ill, on a ventilator gasping for breath or maybe we all are on an airplane stuck in a airgap facing major turbulence. Everyone’s keeping their faith intact and fingers crossed for a safe landing. Well, surely these are times of anxiety when COVID 19 has spread its malicious wings over usContinue reading “The Virus that United us!!”